Patrol Car

Patrol Deputies perform a variety of different duties for the citizens of Randolph County. They are the initial responders to crime reports and calls for assistance.

Community Patrol Teams / Trinity Patrol Team

The function of patrol is to respond to calls for assistance and reports of criminal activity, act as a deterrent to crime by conducting preventive patrol, enforce state and local laws, identify community needs, provide support and assistance to the community and respond to emergencies. They provide mutual aid and assistance to other agencies for emergency and law enforcement-related activities; perform crime prevention activities, such as residential, school, church and business inspections, and community presentations and presence.

In addition to call response, patrol deputies routinely check area businesses and schools after hours to ensure those buildings are secure. Proactively, patrol often conducts investigatory traffic stops in areas that have experienced a recent spike in crime. Patrol deputies are also responsible for serving Involuntary Commitment Orders and Domestic Violence Protective Orders after hours or when Civil Division deputies are not available. They also serve warrants and subpoenas when feasible. Patrol often responds to the Randolph County Detention Center when emergencies arise and additional manpower is needed there.

The Trinity City Council contracts with Randolph County Sheriff's Office for municipal area response for a Trinity Patrol Team. Patrol Deputies from the County and Trinity assist each other in that vicinity.

Zoo Patrol

The North Carolina Zoological Park employs three full time, Randolph County Sheriff's Deputies. These deputies are responsible for the security of the over 300-acre park and the safety of more than 800,000 patrons from all over the world that visit the zoo each year. Zoo Patrol conducts routine checks of parking areas to deter crime and conduct safety and security checks of entrances and exits throughout the park. They also respond to call for assistance to disturbances inside the park and assist Park Rangers with medical calls for service.