Detention Center exterior.

  • Detention Center / Jail Phone: 336-318-6625

Detention Officers on the Inmate Supervision Teams

Detention Officers in Booking are responsible for booking inmates in and out of the detention center, to include searching all incoming arrestees, fingerprinting, photographing, documenting their intake, medical screening, inmate classification and inventorying inmate personal property. Detention Officers in Master Control are responsible for remotely operating all doors and gates in the detention center, ensuring the facility is secure and only authorized individuals are allowed into the facility. Detention Officers assigned as Rovers are responsible for moving inmates through the facility, giving breaks to officers assigned to the housing units and ensuring the facility is appropriately stocked with supplies. Detention Officers assigned to the housing units are responsible for inmate supervision, conducting headcounts and security checks, ensuring all inmates receive meals, services and necessary medical attention, and maintaining a safe and secure environment for inmates and staff.

Records, Training, Personnel

Officers maintain and update jail records on a daily basis. They furnish information for bail bondsmen, families, attorneys, court officials and other law enforcement personnel. They work closely with Transportation Deputies to ensure inmates transported are properly booked out, appropriate paperwork provided, inmate personal property obtained, in addition to printing checks for money in inmate accounts. Not only do they maintain records for inmates but also for Detention Center employees. They coordinate In-Service training for all Randolph County Sheriff's Office Detention Officers through the NC Justice Academy. The Records/Training Division also maintains training records for Detention Officers.


The Transportation Unit, made up of Sworn Detention Officers, is responsible for shuttling inmates to and from the courthouse, to doctor appointments and to other detention centers and prisons across the state.


The maintenance staff is responsible for maintaining security and mechanical systems, plumbing, electrical operations in the facility. They maintain control of all facility tools, while maintaining safe, efficient and sanitary operations of the Detention Center. Maintenance officers are readily available to perform maintenance duties 24 hours a day.

Working Inmate Supervisor

The Working Inmate Supervisor directs and oversees working inmates/trustees confined in the Randolph County Detention Center. This officer is responsible for supervising working inmates and for assigning duties to the working inmates/trustees in the kitchen, laundry, grounds maintenance and cleaning inside the facility.

Working Inmate Supervisor interior.

Electronic House Arrest (EHA) Division

Electronic House Arrest Division (EHA, also called home confinement, home detention, or, electronic monitoring) is a measure by which a pre-trial detainee is confined by authorities to their residence. EHA is an alternative to confinement in the Randolph County Detention Center while offenders await trial.

EHA is typically court ordered by a judge; however, a magistrate may also require this as a condition of release. If so ordered, once an offender has posted his/her bond, he/she must complete an EHA application packet for approval. Upon approval, he/she must agree to the Conditions of Electronic Monitoring, which the officer reads to the offender in its entirety.

Offenders must provide an address and telephone number of the residence in which they will reside. EHA Officers will confirm information in addition to obtaining information for any other person(s) that may also reside at that particular address.

Offenders acknowledge and understand they must submit to random drug screens either by urine or blood sample. Offenders failing drug screens are in EHA violation and can be placed back into the Randolph County Detention Center to await trial or post additional bond.

Policy requires offenders to remain at their place of residence at all times unless given permission by EHA Officers, or by the court. Offenders approved to leave their residence for work, doctor's appointments, court or other approved locations must adhere to that specific location. In some instances, offenders are assigned a specific route of travel to and from work or other approved locations, as to avoid prohibited zones.

Electronic House Arrest (EHA) devise.