• Administration Phone: 336-318-6676
  • Billing Phone: 336-318-6676


Administrative and records clerks perform a variety of computer entry and record keeping functions. They answer phones, enter crime reports, order supplies as well as other filing and office duties.

  • Records Phone: 336-318-6677

Permitting & Fingerprinting

The staff members are assigned to:

  • Processing concealed carry permits
  • Purchase permits and conducting fingerprinting for new concealed permits
  • Foster care / Adoption
  • Insurance license
  • Childcare employees
  • School employees
  • Nursing students
  • Other various forms of employment that require fingerprinting

Personnel, Training, Recruiting & Equipment

The Randolph County Sheriff's Office Personnel, Training and Equipment Division is responsible for all applicant background investigations, personnel training and documentation, ensuring compliance with all requirements as set forth by the North Carolina Sheriff's Education and Training Standards Division and maintaining and issuing uniforms and equipment.


Fleet Maintenance maintains fleet records to ensure the Sheriff's Office Fleet is properly maintained, providing the safest vehicles possible for our deputies and that vehicles are being issued, rotated and taken out of service appropriately, arranges installation and repairs of all in-car equipment and inspects the overall condition of the car when it is brought in for service. They are able to identify some mechanical issues before they become an issue and make preventative repairs. These inspections also create accountability for each officer and lets our staff know of any bad habits that drivers may have. This allows our staff the ability to easily audit our fleet each year and place the older and higher mileage vehicles with administrative staff members. We always strive to place the lower mileage vehicles with the deputies who are patrolling our roadways to ensure they have the safest and most reliable vehicles in the fleet and lengthen the lifespan of each vehicle.

Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Sheriff's Services Officer Program provides a variety of support functions to the Sheriff's Office and citizens of Randolph County in an effort to enhance the work of sworn officers and civilian personnel for the betterment of Randolph County.

Possible duties could include:

  • Clerical / Administrative
  • Reception
  • Subpoena service
  • Motorist assistance
  • Role players
  • Special events
  • Foreign language interpreters
  • Logistical support
  • Fleet
  • Community outreach
  • Subpoena service
  • School programs