Crime Dashboards

Property Crimes Dashboard

The Dashboard depicts the number of Robberies, Vehicle Thefts, Burglaries and Larcenies that have occurred during the last 14 days in Randolph County. The primary objective of crime analysis is to provide a systematic examination of patterns and trends associated with unlawful activities.  The aspect of the analysis focuses on the following:

• The time and location of crime incidents such as robbery, burglary, and car theft.

• Incident-related information on physical targets, such as property and buildings, and the demographic and socioeconomic makeup of an area.

Based on their analyses, law enforcement agencies can formulate resource allocation strategies (e.g., when to deploy officers to particular locations) or help develop initiatives aimed at deterring crime (e.g., neighborhood watch programs and securing vulnerable physical targets such as convenience stores and abandoned buildings).  In addition, crime analysis encompasses the processes of evaluating:

• The effectiveness of implemented response tactics and strategies.

• The effectiveness of services provided by police such as safety education and victim assistance. 

• Administrative considerations such as staffing levels and budgetary expenditures.

In the past, analysts relied heavily on local historical crime data such as police reports and arrest records to identify patterns and trends associated with unlawful activities. However, in today’s information age, analysts have faster access to an expanded set of data including: traditional crime data sources; Federal, state, and local databases; and even non-crime data all of which is used in the analysis.





Violent Crimes