Adult Services

Adult Services provides an array of social work services to elderly and disabled adults in need of protection, in-home services, placement, etc.  Services are provided to adults living in the community and those living in adult care homes and nursing facilities.  Social workers monitor and provide technical assistance to staff of adult care homes and adult daycare facilities.

Adult Protective Services

Protective Services for Adults is a multifaceted service developed to assist adults with disabilities which has incapacitated them to the point they are unable to care for themselves, have no one available to assist them in their care, and are subject to abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Article 6, Chapter 108A of North Carolina General Statutes requires that county departments of social services perform certain activities for disabled adults who are alleged to be abused, neglected or exploited and in need of protective services.



Adult Care Home Case Management Services

Adult Day Care

Adult Placement Services

Adult Medicaid

Long-Term Care

Special Assistance

  1. Melody Cummings

    Social Work Program Administrator Child Placement / Adult Services

  2. Wendie Emerson

    Adult Protective Services Supervisor

  3. Julie Trotter

    Adult Medicaid Supervisor

  4. Jamie Goodman

    Adult Home Care Specialist