Address Posting

During an emergency time is critical. It is very important that you post your address numbers correctly so that emergency responders can find you quickly.

The following excerpt is from the Randolph County Ordinance for Addressing Public/Private Roads in Randolph County, adopted by the Board of Commissioners on November 4, 1991:

Within sixty (60) days after written notice by Randolph County of the assignment of or change of an address number, the owner of such property shall be required to post the number so assigned in accordance with the standards listed below:

  1. All buildings shall clearly display a road address number. The owner and occupant of each building is required to clearly display a road address number on each building so that the location can be identified easily from the road.
  2. The official address number must be displayed on the front of a building or at the entrance to a building which is most clearly visible from the street or road during both day and night.
  3. Where a building or house is 75 feet or more from a public street or road on which it fronts or the lot on which the building is located is landscaped such that numbers cannot be seen from the street or road the assigned number shall also be posted at the end of the driveway or easement nearest the road which provides access to the building.
  4. Numerals indicating the address number of a single family dwelling shall be at least four (4) inches in height and shall be posted so as to be legible from the road.
  5. Numerals for multiple dwelling units and nonresidential buildings shall be at least six (6) inches in height.
  6. Manufactured homes are to display the assigned lot number on the side of the manufactured home closest to the road which serves the lot so that the number is clearly visible from the road at all times.
  7. Manufactured home parks shall erect a sign at the entrance to the park displaying the name of the park and the assigned street address.
  8. Address numbers shall be in a contrasting color to the color scheme of the house or building or mobile home so that it is clearly visible and shall be maintained in a clearly visible manner. Reflective numbers are desirable but not required.
  9. Following the posting of the assigned number as required, the owner or occupant shall maintain such house or building number at all times in compliance with the above referenced standards. Address numbers shall not be obstructed from view by shrubs or vegetation as viewed from the public road.