Restitution Program


The mission of the juvenile restitution program operates with the philosophy that all youth in Randolph County should be held accountable for their actions. By offering a renewed self-respect to delinquent juveniles, it is a program that can make a difference.


The Juvenile Court Judge orders delinquent juveniles from ages 9-17 community service as a term of their probation. The participants understand that they must work to pay their debt to society. Research has shown that restitution has therapeutic value for offenders and victims. It permits the offender to regain self-respect by doing the right thing and provides a sense of justice, as well as reparation, to the victim.

Where Community Service is Performed

The program coordinator arranges placement for each youth, considering the youth's skills, where the youth resides, and available transportation in relation to the job site. Volunteer work is offered to government agencies, schools, nursing homes, non-profit groups, and other programs in need of volunteers. 

Below is a list of just a few of our work sites:

  • American Red Cross
  • Archdale Parks and Recreation
  • Asheboro City Schools
  • Black Lake Retreat Center
  • Brookstone Haven Residential Care
  • Camp Keyauwee
  • Christian United Outreach Center
  • Country Manor Rest Home
  • GrayBrier Nursing and Retirement Center
  • Happy Hills Animal Foundation
  • Liberty Parks and Recreation
  • Mount Shepard Retreat Center
  • Randolph County Schools