Day Reporting Center (JDRC) - Juvenile

The Juvenile Day Reporting Center encompasses three separate programs, The ST.E.P. Center, Asheboro / Randolph Teen Court and Restitution, Step To Success Tutoring, Substance Abuse Education, Assessment and Treatment, and Mentoring.  All programs are geared to help at-risk and/or court involved youth become educated in risky/violent behavior, while learning skills and tools needed to promote positive behavior changes in order to become successful individuals in the future.

These services develop, practice, and master pro-social skills including interpersonal skills, problem solving, anger management skills, academic enhancement, vocational development, and other essential life skills Programs use a developmental approach that uses evidence based curriculums to work with our youth and families.  Through the use of continuous and cohesive structured work activities, as well as therapeutic treatment groups, youth can develop positive emotional, social, physical and mental attitudes that will help foster positive social behaviors.


The mission of the Juvenile Day Reporting Center is to hold at-risk, court involved, and court diverted youth accountable for their behavior while learning social skills to help make positive decisions in the future. Participants focus on decision making, coping skills, managing stressful situations both at home and at school, as well as giving back to the community to provide restitution for the crimes they have committed.

Target Population

Randolph County youth ages 9 to 17.