Permitting Mission

To provide courteous service and a straightforward process for homeowners and contractors to obtain the necessary construction permits.

The Permitting service area is responsible for assisting with administrative and financial tasks as well as assisting citizens, homeowners, and contractors throughout the permitting process. An Inspection Administrative Technician works in the Asheboro office reviewing all paperwork, maintaining various permitting files, assisting Inspection staff with research and communication drafts, keying and scanning inspection results, reviewing and closing files, issuing various permits, and assisting applicants in this process.

Obtain a Permit

Building Permits

Trade Permits

Other Applications/Forms

Contact Environmental Health for Well and Septic System Information at 336-318-6262

For more information please contact us:

  • Building Permit Applications: 336-318-6565
  • To schedule an Inspection or speak with an Inspector: 336-318-6565
  • Building Inspections Plan Review: 336-318-6363
  • Addressing and Mapping: 336-318-6552
  • Zoning and Environmental Health Permit Applications: 336-318-6555
  • Zoning Changes, Public Hearings, Cell Towers, and Farm Exemptions: 336-318-6553
  • Code Enforcement: 336-318-6561

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