Fees & Payments

Penalty Fees

Nuisance Violation - 1st Offense$50
Nuisance Violation - 2nd Offense$100
Nuisance Violation - 3rd Offense$200
Animal Running at Large - 1st Offense$50
Animal Running at Large - 2nd Offense$100
Animal Running at Large - 3rd Offense$200
Livestock Running at Large - 1st Offense$100
Livestock Running at Large - 2nd Offense$200
Livestock Running at Large - 3rd Offense$400
Interference with an Animal Control Officer - 1st Offense$250
Interference with an Animal Control Officer - 2nd Offense$500
Interference with an Animal Control Officer - 3rd Offense$1,000
Abandoning an Animal$100
Intentional Damage/Neglect to a Dog or Cat Trap     $250
Interference with Traps - 1st Offense$50
Interference with Traps - 2nd Offense$75
Interference with Traps - 3rd Offense$100
Dangerous Dogs - 1st Offense$250
Dangerous Dogs - 2nd Offense$500
Dangerous Dogs - 3rd Offense$1,000
Tethering - 1st Offense$50
Tethering - 2nd Offense$100
Tethering - 3rd Offense$200
Wild and Dangerous Animal$300
Exotic Reptile/Mammals$100
Rabies Vaccination Tag and Certification$50
Violation of Bite Quarantine$200
Failure to Confine for Bite Observation$200
Cruelty to Animals$200
Reclaim Penalty for 2nd Impoundment of Same Animals$10
Reclaim Penalty for 3rd Impoundment of Same Animal$25
Reclaim Penalty for 4th Impoundment of Same Animal$50
Adoption Rule Violation$200


Non-Penalty Fees (Animal Control)

Adoption Fee - Male Dog$110
Adoption Fee - Female Dog$120
Adoption Fee - Male Cat$90
Adoption Fee - Female Cat$100
Adoption Fee - Other Small Animals$5
Euthanasia Request (Owned Animal) No Longer Available to Public$25
Rabies Bite Quarantine Observation$250
Animal Board Fee per Day$250
Owner Surrender$15
Rabies Vaccine$10
Microchip No Longer Available to Public$20
Heart Worm Test$10
Feline Triple Test$16
New Leash on Life Dog (Trained)$200
Municipalities not Contracted with Animal Control to Provide Services (Charge per animal brought to Animal Control)$15