To conduct the County's financial affairs in accordance with the Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act and other laws and regulations, in support of the organization's service objectives and responsibilities to the citizens of Randolph County.


Finance is responsible for compliance with the Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act and other North Carolina General Statutes, and federal laws and regulations that promote conservative fiscal practices. It is also responsible for the collecting and disbursing of County resources and recording these transactions in the accounting system, including remitting vendor payments and disbursements to other organizations. Monthly property tax collections are also remitted to nineteen fire districts, two special school districts, and eleven municipalities.

Finance prepares compensation to County employees twice a month. Withholding taxes, retirement contributions, insurance premiums, and related payroll items are remitted. Required payroll reports are filed when due.

Finance personnel prepare financial reports for internal management purposes as well as for federal and state grantor agencies. Finance staff reviews grant expenditures and prepare reimbursement requests for eligible costs. Finance monitors departmental transactions for compliance with various County financial policies.

State law requires all governments to be audited annually. Finance prepares the financial statements and assists independent auditors by providing a variety of schedules and other data. The Government Finance Officers Association has awarded Randolph County a Certificate of Achievement in Financial Reporting every fiscal year since 1989.

Budget Documents

Building Inspections Program (Annual Financial Report on Fees)

The report below is posted as per the requirements of the North Carolina General Statute (G.S. 160D-1102(c))

“(c) No later than October 1 of 2023, 2024, and 2025, every local government shall publish an annual financial report on how it used fees from the prior fiscal year for the support, administration, and implementation of its building code enforcement program as required by G.S. 160D-402(d). This report is in addition to any other financial report required by law.”